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One of the things I’ve had to adjust to here in my new locale is that there just are not as many options for food as there are in New York.  Gone are the days where I can get a fresh bagel, have a banh mi for lunch, stop for a Macaron and coffee in the afternoon, have fresh sushi for dinner and then grab some cupcakes to go for a midnight snack.  That’s probably been my biggest adjustment so far.  The local bakery I work for does make cupcakes, but only for orders, so I can’t really just walk in there and get one out of the case.  But I did hear of a place in a neighboring town, about an hour away that makes cupcakes. As a matter of fact this bakery, Cakes on Walnut, is a cupcake bar!  This is a cool, funky idea and I never saw anything like it back home!

The space is clean and modern with lots of seating and artwork on display. There is also an adjoining art space where you can see more art on display.  The display area for the cupcakes is lovely, as shown in the following photo.  Behind the cupcakes, there is the coffee are and the bar area which were both pretty standard.

While I was there, I tried four different cupcakes.  The pumpkin spice cupcake was by far the best one.  It was moist with a nice balance of spice and pumpkin flavor and a sweet and tangy cream cheese icing.  It was also great to see a seasonal offering.

Pumpkin Spice cupcake

The red velvet cupcake was also moist with a slight hint of cocoa flavor. The cream cheese icing was a nice complement, however the cocoa nibs on top were a bit overpowering.  I found myself picking them off of the top of the cupcake. I then had their chocolate cupcake which was also nice.

Red Velvet Cupcake

Unfortunately, the most disappointing cupcake was the smores cupcake.  The bottom layer of the cupcake was a thick, hard layer of graham cracker crust topped by the moist cupcake.  And the entire cupcake was topped with bruleed marshmallows.  This was definitely one of the most beautiful cupcakes they had, but unfortunately it was not nearly as delicious as it looked.

I know cupcakes are a trendy dessert that’s past its prime, but I do still love being able to have my own little cake treat when I can.  Hopefully, this trend will become more popular in my new locale.


Ok, so I’m a day late. But I did start writing this post when it was still 4-20.  A few years ago, this date held no significance for me.  Then I went into a graduate program where a LOT of people knew of it and observed it.  And they observed it in the usual way, with lots of herb-infused refreshments.

I didn’t think much of it today, until I went to class.  My instructor reminded us of the holiday and why it’s important.  She is clearly for the legalization of marijuana.  I don’t think it’s such a bad idea either, since I think there are many more things that are legal that are much worse for all of us.  She was also clearly eager to get out early since she began to survey the class at one point to see when everyone thought we’d be finished.

Now, today was deep frying day so there was a lot to prepare and a lot of oil to heat up and wait for recovering, among other tasks.  Of course, our school did not have fryers, so we had to fill up soup pots with lots of oil and use a thermometer.  We also ended up dividing a lot of the work.  Some of the people in my team and I worked on the cod fish for the fish & chips and the oysters for the fried oysters.  We worked on breaking down chicken for southern fried chicken as a team.  And whoever wasn’t working on proteins was working on the accompanying sauces.  This resulted in a very efficient and streamlined team work in the kitchen.  Unfortunately it also resulted in some people working specifically on one or two tasks instead of doing a little bit of everything.  I know it’s more realistic to have different people working on different tasks, but for educational purposes, it would be nice if we all did a bit of everything, if only to learn.

We finished about an hour and a half earlier.  I’m sure part of my instructors’ motivation was to observe the holiday.  And that’s OK.  I just hope it doesnt’ become a regular thing because I need all the practice I can get in every aspect of kitchen work.

And what did I do with my extra time this evening?  I make red velvet cupcakes! 🙂  I used this recipe and it was a nice way to end a frying marathon.  Many thanks to PinchMySalt for this delicious and easy recipe!

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes


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