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My First Wedding Cake Workshop

Posted on: February 11, 2010

While I’m searching for a job that I think would be a good fit for me, I’ve been working as a kitchen assistant at my old culinary school.  It’s not a high paying job but it’s a fabulous learning opportunity and really a lot of fun.   I most recently assisted in Toba Garrett‘s one week wedding cake workshop.  I’ve only been a student in one of her classes which was all about cookie decorating and I learned so much!  I never took her cake decorating classes, but I am signed up to take cake decorating 1 very soon.  I’m even more eager after I’ve seen what her students manage to create in a short time!

In this class, I got to see how students apply their different skills and techniques to the creation of a beautiful wedding cake. The first day was where all the cakes were baked off, the fillings and icings were made and the modeling chocolate was made.  The next day the cakes were split into layers, filled and iced.  Once that was completed students began working with white modeling chocolate to create roses and leaves.  The third day the cakes were iced and covered in fondant and work on flowers was continued.  The fourth day the tiers were created and the flowers and leaves finished.  The last day students decorated their cakes and applied any finishing touches.

All the cakes were gorgeous!  The color schemes ranged from different color combinations like black, white and red to all white cakes.  One student even created a garden out of her cake with different color flowers and icing vines. I was amazed to see how different all the cakes were and how much work went into creating a wedding cake!

While I was assisting, I was learning.  I was fortunate enough to be able to take home some leftover cake layers and I picked up additional supplies and got to work at home.  I wasn’t having a wedding anytime soon, but it was soon my birthday so I decided to make this cake my birthday cake.  I made red roses and green leaves.  I covered my cake in white and red fondant and decorated it with royal icing accents.  It was by far the most intricately detailed cake I’ve ever created!  The cake was a yellow cake with lemon curd filling and french vanilla buttercream and it was delicious!! It was a real treat to have for my birthday and it was great fun to make!

If you’re looking to learn how to make some fabulous cake, I highly recommend Chef Toba Garrett’s class.  Her instructional methods are excellent, she answers student questions/concerns and she helps to fuel inspiration to help you create your own masterpiece out of cake.  Here’s some shots of the cake I made.  All the techniques I learned just by watching her in class!


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