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Enter the Crafts

Posted on: January 2, 2010

Long before I went to culinary school, long before I was a serious cook & baker, I was a serious knitter. I still am actually.  In years past, I’d only knit things for family and very close friends and of course, myself.  Since this year I’ve been unemployed I decided to knit a few gifts for my family.  I know this blog has been mostly about food and maybe some personal musings, but I am going to throw in my crafting to the mix.

I’m also going to add something else.  While I’ve taken many photos of my food for this blog, I have to admit my photography skills leave something to be desired.  So, in an attempt to improve my skills I’ve decided to undertake Project 365.  I can’t afford a serious photography class or a better camera, but I’m hoping that with much more practice I can develop some new skills. By the end of this year it would be great not only to have a chronicle of my year but to also say I can finally take some decent photos! I will be posting my photos either to this blog or to my Flickr site.   And while I hope to post everyday, I know it won’t happen, so I’ll just aim to take at least the one photo every day.  All my photos will be taken with either my Olympus FE-370, my mom’s Nikon Cookpix, or my blackberry camera.   So in the spirit of Project 365, here are some shots of my holiday knitting!

Blanket for my dad

Blanket for my mom. This one is huge and very warm!


5 Responses to "Enter the Crafts"

Very cool! Those looks like very warm blanketS! I love the one w/ the squares! How much you selling for? 😉 What camera are you using? Are you using flash in your shots? Sometimes the flash washes out the colors…so may want to use the timer and no flash to get steady shots. But you are doing great w/ the knitting, baking and cooking! Awweeeesome!

I didn’t sell them. They were Christmas gifts for the family.

(n/m..on the question about the cameras 😉 )

Yea, I just used my camera w/automatic settings. I don’t know how to fiddle w/the cameras too much.

my question was more about the mode and setting you are using..manual? lighting settings?

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