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Fall Flavors: Lemon Garlic Rosemary Roast Chicken with Fall Vegetables

Posted on: September 14, 2009

The weather has been very fall-like and last week, I craved some food that was very reminiscent of the great flavors of fall.  So, I headed to my farmer’s market and local Trader Joe’s to make a simple, hearty fall meal.

First, I prepared a chicken to roast.  I simply removed the chicken’s innards (don’t forget this part!) and then I stuffed it with as many cloves of garlic as it could hold, a half a lemon (cut into wedges) and several sprigs of rosemary.  I also rubbed it generously with some butter, salt and pepper and added butter and herbs in between the skin and breast.  I always feel the breast meat is very dry, so the extra butter helps.  I trussed (Note: this is a video link in case you wanna see how to truss a chicken) my chicken and placed it in a cast-iron pot over a bed of mirepoix (2 part onion, 1 part carrot, 1 part celery all chopped up roughly).

Roast Chicken over mirepoix

Roast Chicken over mirepoix

Then I roasted some seasonal vegetables.  I picked up some beautiful yukon gold and blue potatoes at the farmer’s market.  And I also picked up some fresh beets! I roasted these altogether with some red onion tossed with olive oil, fresh sprigs of rosemary,  salt & pepper.

Roasted Veggies

Roasted Veggies

I also used the beet greens.  I cooked some bacon and then added some onion and minced garlic.  Once these were soft, I added a pinch of red pepper, some sugar and salt.  I then added the greens and tossed them all together.  I deglazed the pan with some white wine and then cooked the greens down.  Once they were tender, I finished it off with some apple cider vinegar.   I added the mirepoix from the roasted chicken to these vegetables since those were bound to be loaded with flavor.  I also made a simple gravy for the chicken by starting with a roux (butter & flour) and then adding the juices from the chicken and cooking until thickened.  I have to say, this was one of the most satisfying meals I have had in a long time!  And since we made forcemeats and terrines in class, I was glad I thought to eat before going to class!  I think this plates looks a LOT better than any of the stuff we made in class!



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