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Kitchen Experiment: Mascapone Ice Cream & Ipod Cake!

Posted on: September 3, 2009

Today was one of those days where I kinda felt like it was already the weekend.  I didn’t really want to do much of anything, but I kept having a hankering for some sweets so I ended up in the kitchen all day.

For the past few days, I’ve been working on an ipod cake for my cousin’s birthday.  No, he’s not a kid–he’s turning 40, but he’s into techie stuff so I thought an ipod cake would be fun.  I saw a few pics of different ones on line and took out my ipod and went to work.  The first step was to make the actual cake.  I had to get a rectangular cake pan and I made 2 chocolate cakes to serve as each layer.   Then I made coffee buttercream and marshmallow fondant.  I got the recipe here, from the Wilton website.  At first I wasn’t sure it would work and I asked some pastry students who advised me to just make regular fondant.  The problem is that regular fondant tastes like play-dough to me, so I figured the marshmallow just had to taste better! And it did!  I tried a bit of it and it actually tasted like the vanilla I put in it!  Once I had the cake covered in buttercream, I covered it in the fondant.  Then I continued by using the fondant to shape my clickwheel and the symbols on the clickwheel.  I finished it off by piping blue buttercream shells along the edge and writing “Happy Birthday Abel” in chocolate.  Later, I was pleased to hear that the cake was delicious!  (I was relieved too, since I didn’t taste all the elements of the cake together!)


I know this isn’t the best fondant job and there are some not so smooth areas, but it’s not bad for my own, compeletely hand made fondant covered cake!

When I was done with this, I also noticed I had some mascapone cheese in the fridge and thought it would be great in ice cream.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to have some ice cream on hand in case my cousin decided to come over and share some cake!  (Unfortunately, he didn’t!)

Mascapone Ice Cream Ingredients

  • 8 oz mascapone cheese
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup cream
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 8 oz sugar

I heated the milk, cream and sugar to make a creme anglaise.  I tempered my yolks and added them to the milk-cream mixture.  I continued to cook it until the custard reached nappe.  Then I poured the mixture over the mascapone and used a stick blender to break up the cheese.  I strained the entire mixture into another bowl set over an ice bath, let it cool and then churned it in the ice cream maker.  I couldn’t resist this ice cream! I kept trying it as it was churning!  I definitely love trying new ice creams!


1 Response to "Kitchen Experiment: Mascapone Ice Cream & Ipod Cake!"

It was very very tasty!!! Thanks again Cuz!!

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