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Kitchen Experiment: Pie Lollipops

Posted on: August 24, 2009

After seeing photos at Bakerella and Luxirare about pie lollipops, I thought these would be very fun to try also!  As I already had some leftover pie dough in the freezer from my last pie experiment, I figured these would be an easy experiment.  I headed to the craft store to get some lollipop sticks and treat bags so I could store these easily in my freezer.  I’m also thinking something like this would be a wonderful dessert to do for my upcoming culinary school graduation grand buffet!

I decided to try 3 flavors: blueberry, blackberry, and apple.  They were all simply prepared with the fresh fruit, sugar, cornstarch, and lemon juice. I also added some cinnamon and clove to the apple. I macerated all the fruit overnight and used a pate brisee dough. Once I cut out my dough I placed a bit of each fruit and the lollipop sticks.


Then I topped each pop and used an egg wash to seal the ends.  I egg washed the front do that they would come out golden brown and covered the sticks with aluminum foil to prevent burning.


Although some of them leaked, for the most part they were lovely and golden brown.



The notes from Luxirare and Bakerella were great!  I baked for the recommended 15 min but at 400F.  I did not cook down my fillings, however I think that is a vital step to concentrating the flavor into such a small package.  I also would want to try this with a pate sucree, just to see the differences.  For the most part, I liked it and even if I don’t make these for graduation, I’ll definitely be making more for my friends, my family and myself!


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