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The Joy of Being a “Recreational” Culinary Student

Posted on: August 2, 2009

As a culinary student, I’ve been participating in the professional program.  We have a uniform, tool kit, knife kit and we’re expected to work toward developing skills that a professional chef would have.  One of the perks of my school is that we also get to take some recreational classes, the cost of which is included in our tuition.  Since we only have six weeks of baking & pastry, I’ve decided to enroll in more courses about different desserts.  I recently got to see not only what it’s like to be a recreational student, but I also got to learn all about delicious, shortcakes, cobblers and crisps!

The first thing that I loved was not being in a hot uniform and lugging around a bunch of tools!  I know it wasn’t the smartest thing to go into the kitchen in my summer sandals, but it also fet liberating and rebellious.   I also loved the fact that there were new faces in the class.  It’s a nice respite from being with the same 14 people every class.  I also really liked that chef took quite a bit of time explaining everything we were about to do.  While it felt like things were starting off very slowly, later, I appreciated that he took the time to explain the different types of flours to us as well as how to make a good biscuit dough.  For me some of this information was a review, but some of it was new.  I also really liked that we got to work in pairs.  Normally, I do NOT like being assigned to work with people, but since I didn’t know anyone here it was actually kind of fun to get to know someone new for a little while.  And the best part was that we didn’t have to do any of the cleaning!  The kitchen assistants were around to do dishes and clean up any flour messes for us!

Really there were only two negatives.  Eventually, I got to miss not having my own stuff around, especially my own knives.  Even though we hardly used knives, it’s always nicer to work with a familiar knife.  And we ended up making SO much it was a challenge to take home!  I ate one shortcake and one cobbler and my partner & I shared another one, just to try it  I couldn’t eat another bite so I packed stuff up to take home and I ended up taking home 10 mini-cobblers & crisps!  Luckily, my boyfriend will help me with this new overstock!

Here’s some shots of the wonderful we did in class.

Blueberry Lemon Cobbler

Blueberry Lemon Cobbler

Apple Rhubarb Cobbler

Apple Rhubarb Crisp

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Apricot Cherry Cobbler

Apricot Cherry Cobbler

Mixed Fruit Shortcake

Mixed Fruit Shortcake


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