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Pastry Challenges

Posted on: July 27, 2009

So far, cutting fruit, kneading dough, proofing it and baking it have not been a problem.  However, I have encountered two BIG challenges in the pastry course:  making cornets and writing in chocolate.  So far the best instructions I’ve found are here, courtesy of Dyann Bakes.  Basically, a cornet is a cone made out of parchment paper which is used to write in chocolate or icing. If you are skillful, you can achieve stunning results that look very clean and realistic.  For our exam, we only have to create a standard border around a “cake” and write “Happy Birthday Name”.  We’ve been given couverture chocolate to practice with at home as well as cake cardboards.

Just making cornets is challenging enough!  I’ve managed to mangle more pieces of parchment paper than I care to count.  I’ve managed to fold 1000 origami cranes but creating a lovely cornet is ridiculous.  I also almost always cut too big a hole in my cornet, so I end up with chocolate dripping in places where I do not want it, essentially littering my “cake”.  Chef advises more practice.  She also says it’s actually easier to work faster and higher up from the “cake”.  I’ve been trying and the following are the best attempts I’ve got so far.  If anyone out there has any words of advice or knows of any resources that can help, I’d appreciate it! In the meantime, here are some shots at my attempts.  I hope these survive the train ride to class so I can at least get credit for doing my homework.







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