Savoriesnsweets’ Blog

Welcome to the Real World

Posted on: June 28, 2009

Once we hit the beginning of Mod 3, we were told we needed to start trailing and deciding where we’d like to do our externships.  I wanted to get a head start so I contacted people right away and found a lovely restaurant right by the school.  I’ve secured my externship early working in a high end Italian restaurant.  I work during lunch service and in their pastry department.  So, I’m the one that will send out your desserts to you.  The people I work with are all really good cooks–very knowledgable.  The chef I work for is a great teacher and very patient.  However, with the end of the school year and family issues creeping up, I’m beginning to re-think if this career change is actually the best thing for me.  Maybe I was better suited to the classroom than the kitchen–I don’t know.  But I do know that right know, I’m learning a lot, enjoying my work and keeping my mind of other, more depressing happenings in my life.  So that’s my real world right now.


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