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Things Were All Going Swimmingly….

Posted on: March 30, 2009

When we started making sauces, things were all going swimmingly.  We made our lovely veloute, our creamy bechamel, and a flavorful sauce espagnol.  We cooled them all properly, stored them in individual containers and labelled them all.  These containers  went into the refrigerator at school on Thursday night and were ready for us to use today in class, so that we can make a few different compound sauces.  So what happened?  I get to school and I hear that the refrigerator went kaput on Saturday, thus ruining all our sauces.  Everything had to be thrown away!

We had to start from scratch.  We remade our bechamel and our veloute.  We then started on our classic tomato sauce.  Once we had those we were able to make our compound sauces.  Our sauce allemande was a little thin, but had a good flavor.  Our sauce supreme was excellent.  Unfortunately, our sauce mornay was undersalted and bitter.  The flavor of the gruyere cheese was too pungent and overpowering. Our soubise was also undersalted but had good texture.  And our creole sauce was spicy and salty and had a good texture.  When I tried other group’s sauces, I realized that our chef was right about the lack of salt in our sauce.  I definitely need to work on adding more salt and tasting my sauces more.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to make any fortified wine derivatives or sauce forestiere.  These are derivatives of demi-glace which we also made on Thursday.  Overall, I think we did well working as a group even though we were the last ones finished.  It was also very nice to come home with leftovers again.  I made a little bit of pasta and mixed the sauce supreme, which is a creme sauce, and the tomato sauce and then tossed them over some pasta. It was a yummy late night meal! Here’s my booty from class.



These sauces, clockwise from the top left, are Sauce Supreme, Sauce Soubise, Classic Tomato Sauce,  a blend of the supreme and the tomato sauce. Since we’re on the topic of sauce, I leave you with a video featuring a character named after one of the next sauces we’ll be making in class.


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