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A New Hope…

Posted on: March 3, 2009

ratatouille-kitchen-lToday, I begin a new chapter in my life.  I am finally embarking on a journey toward a career I have always wanted.  I am finally beginning culinary school!!  I had enrolled in one culinary school years ago, but decided instead to try teaching.  After finally coming to terms with the fact that teaching was not for me, I decided to leave and do what I’ve always wanted to do.  I have always loved to cook and to bake and have have always been actively reading books and websites and magazines about food and cooking.  I also have always had an interest in different types of foods and different wines.  I’m eager and excited to begin this new chapter in my life!

During class today, I was really impressed with the high standards the teachers have for us and with the diversity within my classes.  Many of my classmates were career changers, like me.  However, there were a few with some industry experience.  One student even has 23 years of experience but never had the chance to get her diploma.  They all seem very focused and very, very dedicated to their goals to become chefs.  My chef instructor seems like a very no-nonsense kind of guy.  He also seems very fair, extremely knowldegable, and most importantly, eager to pass on his 35 years of knowlege and experience on to his students.

Today’s lesson was mostly orientation, informing us of the codes of conduct, elective courses we could take and policies and procedures.  We received our books and our locker assignments.  Our books are the most serious cooking books I’ve ever seen.  Mostly they are textbooks and study guides published by the Culinary Institute of America.  We also have a book on baking as well as a book on Sushi!  Then we  hit the highlight of our day:  receiving our knives!  These are a nice set of Wustof knives with their own carrying case.  They are sharp and shiny!  I only hope I don’t get stopped on the subway by the police wanting to search my bags.   That, would be stressful, to say the least.

The other thing we received was a binder containing all the lessons we’re to cover in the module as well as reading assignments and other assignments.  We basically  have the entire course outlined for us via the binder.  Our teacher also suggested a few other books that would be good reference, but I already have 2 of the 4 he suggested.  I was actually really excited to see that I was already reading things that were recommended by professional chefs!

Tomorrow, for the first time in a while, I’m going to get up early and hit the books.  I’ll set up my binder, do my reading, read some of the handouts we were given, and try some of the recommended exercises.  I haven’t been this excited about school in a LONG time!  🙂


1 Response to "A New Hope…"

You will be the best!!
I was just reading this: and boy, all those pans and what not IS nerve wrecking!!
I wish you best of luck and I’m glad you are excited and happy about class!! May this be a rewarding career path that you will find much joy and happiness in!

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