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What did I ever do without Carbonara?

Posted on: February 25, 2009

I’ve heard of Carbonara from friends and of course, from watching Food Network, but I’ve never had it. Today, I decided to try to make it. I basically just used what I had on hand, so I don’t think it’s a very traditional carbonara but it was still delicious! It was rich and creamy with a bit of salt and heat. It was very basic.  And it was interesting to have the salty from the cheese and some sweet going on from the maple flavor.

I used maple bacon and cooked it until it was very crisp. On the next burner I was cooking some linguine. I then took out the bacon, chopped it and deglazed the pan with about 1/3c of white wine. While that was going on, I beat 3 eggs with a 1/2c of parmesan cheese, some dried parsley flakes (like I said, I used what was on hand) and red pepper flakes. I then set that aside. I put my pasta in the pan, added the bacon again and then added the egg mixture while I mixed it all together over a low flame. The result, pictured below, was super yummy!  I thoroughly enjoyed making and eating this dish and I wondered how I’ve gone through life without ever having carbonara?



Of course, after such a savory meal, I had to make some dessert. I decided to make something simple, again using what I had on hand.  I made one of my favorite cookies, Snickerdoodles.  I got the recipe from this site and it was simple, easy to follow and tunrs out some soft, sweet, delicious cookies.  Here are my yummy Snickerdoodles.




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