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Valentine’s Day Baking

Posted on: February 16, 2009

Usually most people go out for Valentine’s Day either for dinner or a show or movie or both. This year, my significant other decided to cook a delicious meal for me! He made a chicken francaise and a pastry stuffed with spinach on the side. It was delicious! But best of all, he made it all on his own from start to finish! This occasion also marked my birthday, since it was earlier this week. This was truly the best gift! He also gave me some lovely flowers that almost looked hand-painted.

On Saturday, I decided to do some baking of my own and try my hand at baking bread. I didn’t have my cookbooks, so I just looked up basic recipes online. I also didn’t have a mixer so I did all the mixing and kneading by hand. The first loaf was a plain white loaf. This one was dense and crusty. It was a heavy bread but it was still savory. The next was a nice olive loaf. The bread was lighter and softer. It was also MUCH tastier with the addition of chopped olives and some dried thyme. I think I’m definitely going to make the olive loaf again! Have a look at the baking I did over the weekend.

Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine's Day Flowers


Olive Loaf

Plain Loaf

Plain Loaf


1 Response to "Valentine’s Day Baking"

wow! what a sweet guy! 🙂 sounds like a very wonderful valentine’s day!

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